The GEI School of Migration Studies is very active

We have produced 4 conferences and also a book on migration and academic proceedings.

We will be hosting a Migration conference at the University of Oxford on June 18th 2018. Please email us at info@geiconferences or visit for more information.

We will also be co hosting a Migration Conference on the same day with the Green European Foundation.

We are currently calling for papers and speakers for this conference.

Our work is focusing on beacon areas where migration is a cause of vibrant economies.

Examples include London, The Thames Valley, the City of London, Reading and Oxford.

We are very interested in other similar examples and research and papers about this.

Please email us today if you would like to take part, to come and speak, write or listen and if you have any research on the topic.

The above forms part of our work on Changing the Narrative of Migration Project which has been going several years

This also includes:

1. Books:

Holocaust and Memory with Ashgate Academic Press

Migration A Social Justice Perspective

2. Academic Proceedings

3. 4 Conferences

4. A video Changing the Narrative of Migration

5. Research work

6. Students and teaching

7 Special issue of our Academic Journal