Places now open: Spring, Summer  and Autumn 2018
If you – or anyone you know is interested in this fantastic opportunity, the time is now!


The Institute constantly has requirements for internships, and our first intern has been Yann Raineau who is funded by Socrates, Leonardo and the European Union, and it turned out to be a great sucess. We are very keen to have more interns therefore and can offer very good, high level supervision from our huge range of inter-disciplinary academics and policy makers.We also do regularly have a number of fascinating paid, part time and contractor positions as and when required- do ask for details if you are interested.

This challenging programme provide you with the analytical, written, presentation and publishing skills and experience to lead others towards your vision of a socially and environmentally more survivable and just, positive and exciting future- giving you the tools and know how to lead the power structures, policy making, institutions, and taking part as you learn in the way the world really works.

All participants on this programme will have enriching experiences and deepen their knowledge. The Programme includes:

•Matriculation into Green Economics Students’ and Interns’ College offering life-long career-support in a changing world
•Opportunity to attend the Annual Green Economics Conference at Oxford University in June  2018 and also all other events throughout the year
•Full membership of the Green Economics Institute for one year
• Meet and work with world’s leading academics and campaigners, forging new pathways in a time of economic and environmental challenges.
• Certificates will be awarded for all participants who have successfully completed the programme.
• New Professional Qualification “Green Economist” for all interns who wish to apply for it.
• Launching your career and changing your career, opening up potential for Green Jobs and Green Careers as well as economics, environmental and scientific careers, international relations, politics and many other options.
• Suitable for Erasmus + Students.

•Writing and Editing Academic Papers for our Oxford University Conferences. (Students get their name on the publication as a citation for this).
•Students compile and edit our members international networking magazine The Green Economist.
• Policy Briefings, and Reports.
• Advise to governments and departments around the world when the Institute is providing this we involve our students.
• Writing and Editing Books and Book Chapters. Most of our students recently have produced at least one book of their own ideas and collated those of other people.
•Research and economics analysis of the economy.
•Writing, editing and reviewing for Academic journal: The International Journal of Green Economics.
•Arranging Events.
•Organising campaigns.
•Running and participating in Field Trips.
•Running Training courses and speaking at eveevents in a variety of settings.
•Working on exhibition stalls with our teams.
•Helping us with our technology and innovation.


We pride ourselves on the success of our inclusion practice of students from China, Japan, India, Brazil, Eastern and other parts of Europe, Africa, South America, all parts of Asia and also the UK.


We are especially welcoming for people with all kinds of special needs and challenges including health, physical, mobility and personality. We also offer access, diversity and outstanding opportunities for minorities and people with non standard backgrounds. We are proud of our record for creating true opportunities for social mobility.


We invite students from all backgrounds, countries, ability, gender, or age. We also encourage anyone who is interested in Science, IT, Business, Marketing, among others:

•Macro-economics and Micro-economics
•International and global economics
•Climate and earth sciences scenario modelling
•Growth and lower growth and economics modellers
•Cost-benefit analysis and business case
•Green business
•Maths and English
•International Relations and Development
•Peace activists
•Mental and physical health
•Political economy
•Environmental science
•Geography and Earth science

•Environmental management

•Web designer
•Open source and Green IT
•Geographical Information Systems.

•Media & Commnication
•Public sector and Project Management