The GEI Research global network has been growing throghout the last fifteen years. 

Setting up this global network requires building interconnections with individuals, scientists, communities, governments and organizations  worldwide for the management, mitigation and resolval of global issues. 


The Green Economics International network continues to grow and now has over 140 contacts in 50 countries. The international contacts are people who want to develop an interest in green economics in their own countries and are directly involved in the activities of the Institute.

This has become a very exciting and influential project, as some of our contacts are able to raise the profile of Green Economics in their own countries, influence policy and even get into government – and become MPs.

Our international contacts often attend and are speakers at the Green Economics Conference usually held at Oxford University.

Our  African team is now up and running, with contacts from countries that include Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Namibia, and Mali.

We have also been busy on the European scene.

We are also especially keen for people in the International Network to join as members of the Institute.

If you are interested in this please do get in touch with us.