Work Experience Formal Programme 3 Months

We have welcomed over 1000 students on our study placements and work experience courses.

It also provides what is sometimes termed ‘internships’ but please note we provide a real and formal learning experience programme with careful supervision designed with the individual students’ needs in mind.  The programme provides the student with important career and professional development foundations but also generally our programme provides our students with academic and other citations, books with their name on, book chapters and academic proceedings and other publications to help their career along and many students give talks, or attend conferences with us or run exhibition stands, or generally come to lectures and tutorials.

This programme has also welcomed many Erasmus +  work placements and study placement students and is also especially suitable for that. We work with parents to ensure that the placement really does provide what is rarely available today, a serious and useful bridge between work and university with others in the same situation and our students go on to get fantastic and and hi profile careers in their chosen fields. We have had our students move from us to the fast track civil service, Oxford University, London School of Economics, Finance Industry, Charities, Commerce, Teaching, becoming MPs, councillors, policy makers, authors, researchers around the world, tourism and environmental travel hosting and much much more besides. Many have written whole books or edited books or written chapters or other publishing. Many have lectured all over the world or attended the United Nations or other universities or given other speeches.

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