We are delighted to announce this conference.
3 Day Conference to Change the World

The Green Economics Institute

 13th Annual Green Economics 3 Day Conference at the University of Oxford

 16th 17th 18th June 2018




Advances in Economic Thinking:

2tonnes of carbon by 2022 lifestyle, economy and science


This Conference Advances in Economic Thinking: 2 Tonnes of Carbon by 2022 lifestyle, economy and science will focus on

the current economic, social, political and epistemological debates about the way we are living  and the  implications for the world´s economy. Indeed, the need for climate actions has never been so necessary.

Papers are requested on the following subjects: Green Cities, Health, Mental Health and fear of change, Well-being and the sustainable development goals,  Survivability and resilience in a complex society, Climate finance, Philosophy and ontology of economics, Methodology in heterodoxy, Heterodox economics in solving todays urgent crises, Changes in income work and labour markets, The role of uberisation of the economy, Financialisation of the economy,  The future of Europe, The future of democracy, Migration and the economy, Climate change, Global and personal carbon budgets, Climate science, Technofixes in the economy, Hi tech economics, Economics and corruption, Large multinational corporations and their civic engagement and duty, Tax and inequalities, besides many other subjects.

The conference will this year be run with a range of partners, including the Heterodox Economics Association, the GEI Academy and the GEI Conferences, The Green Economics Institute Charitable Trust, 2tonnes of carbon Ltd, among other organisations that are supporting us to make sure this is a really an important conference with useful outputs and outcomes. It will have a global reach with inputs from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and also from the Arctic Circle and Indigenous Sami Peoples amongst others.

Selected papers will be published in The International Journal of Green Economics and by Green Economics Institute Press

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