3 Month’s Visiting Researchers Supervision


Visiting Research 3 months supervision

Call for Visiting Researchers and Research Papers

To include a 1 Day Seminar at University of Oxford

June 15th 2018

( in a  summer programme from 15th June to 22nd June 2018)

Green Economics has now entered its 15th year and as it matures it requires a body of knowledge and research to provide it with the foundations needed for it to support the global transformation that is emerging round the world as the climate and environmental change start to runnaway and visibly accelerate and affect the economy. As a result we have launched the GEI Academy for this purpose.

This first ever research seminar assesses existing literature and research and epistemology, ontology and philosophy of economics and green economics and begins to lay down a structure for suitable innovative, diverse, inclusive, pluralistic interdisciplinary and 21st century research methodologies and practise and benchmarks for practice.

In pursuance of this goal it will also investigate the semantic  hijacking of the concepts, in use to reverse the innovations, and to restore balance to the field and literature of this important concept.

In this contemporary time of fake news and reversal of enlightenment values, democracy and philosophical debate, this event will explore how populist and celebrity culture and antagonism towards facts, truth, experts and rigour can be addressed in new ways of carrying out research. The output will be papers and research providing a new methodology of research with application beyond the field too.

Therefore we are inviting 10 places for academic and policy researchers to study/research with us at the GEI in the UK, over 1 month, three months or 6 months or by skype or email to any stage researchers, new or more experienced, Professor level or beginning.

All the researchers will be required to attend our research seminar in Oxford to be held at the University in the week of the 12th June for 3 days, plus our 3 day academic conference on the 16th 17th 18 th June and our 3 day summer school on the 20th 21st 22nd June 2018 to be held at the University of Oxford.  This will provide a 9 day activity research itinerary for the researcher in addition to supervised research and outputs as below and published work.

All the research will be published. The options are:

  1. A paper entered in the special occaission research book
  2. Academic Proceedings from the academic conference for the conference.
  3. Double blind peer reviewed academic journal paper subject to usual peer review
  4. A chapter or more in the special book(s) of the conference or other publications and books of the Green Economics Institute
  5. A paper in the Green Economist Members’ Magazine of the Green Economics Institute.

Application Procedure

In order to apply to become a Member Researcher of The Green Economics Institute and its Academy, you will need to send the following:

  1. A covering email of motivation and
  2. Your cv showing what you have done previously.
  3. You will need to send a short 1 side proposal of what area you might like to research with us.
  4. A signed document stating that you consent to us holding your cv for the purposes of your application.

Please note  all research projects will need to be very  broadly relevant to the Institute’s requirements and the admissions panel will make a decision on suitability for the Institute’s needs as well as the students.


Registration and Admission

This programme must be prepaid and pre-booked. As soon as you receive a provisional place in the Research Panel, you must pay the registration fee to the GEI Academy who will deliver the programme.

The fees  for 2018 for 3 months Research Supervision remotely, by email, skype or in person, plus  attendance, for 9 days including 3 days of research seminar, 3 days of the conference and 3 days of summer school will be £3,500 per person.

There are 10 places available this summer.

The fees do not include travel, accommodation or catering however some accommodation may be available if required. Researchers will all receive a certificate of attendance if and only if they have attended 95 % of the 9 day programme  and they have made at least one  Ppt presentation about their ideas during the research seminar and during the conference and researchers may also take an examination leading to a specific qualification in the field of Green Economics in the final day of the summer school.

The Supervision will be delivered  by the GEI Academy and all Researchers will be asked to apply subject to a formal application proceedure and our formal learning agreement signed by both the Researcher and the GEI Academy who will deliver the programme.

To find out more please apply to

with a copy of