The GEI Academy’s Faculty of Social Justice



Recalling the 70th Anniversary Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we highlight that the nature can not express its right to live, but humans can stand up towards nature’s rights and its “dignity”. Not a functional relationship but a virtuous relation in itself which defines the good life!.

This important Faculty will be launching at the Conference on June 16th -18th 2018 to be held at The University of Oxford and our Summer School just afterwards.

We are currently admitting students to prepare papers and speeches for the conference and to study with us from April 2018.

We already have a large and unique body of written and published literature, books, academic proceedings, papers in our academic journal,  The International Journal of Green Economics,  which will form the core of the study materials which students will be familiarised with under the supervision of the actual original authors in many cases.

We also have a large international network of people around the world who will provide learning from countries as varied as Nepal, Bhuttan, Brazil, India, Malaysia,  USA, China and Nigeria.

We are currently appointing our Deans, Tutors and Lecturers.

If you would like further information about  how to study with us please email us today at