Our Academic Team gathers experts in a variety of fields. Most are also involved with a wide range of organisations at  national  adn international level. This expertise develops our courses and research up to date, and allows our team to fully support our students.

Our Academic Team is responsible for course development, research, delivery and student support, and ensure their subject is constantly updated to include the most recent guidance.

The Academic Team is led by Prof. Dr. Maria Alejandra Madi and Miriam Kennet


Prof Maria Alejandra Madi,  Brazil and Argentina

photo Maria Alejandra Madi 2017

Prof Maria Alejandra Madi  

Maria Alejandra Madi holds an MA in Philosophy and a PhD in Economics (UNICAMP, Brazil). Her academic career includes a long-term professorship at UNICAMP (1983-2012) and visiting professorships at the University of Manitoba in (Canada) and at the University of Kassel (Germany), in addition to a position as Avocational Lecturer at Steinbes University Berlin. She is also researcher at the Center for Pragmatism Studies (PUC-SP, Brazil). In addition to her overall research interest that lies in the financial and social challenges of globalization, her current line of investigation includes a philosophical discussion both of realism in economics and in the methodology of economics within the wider context of the philosophy of science.

She has been Chair of the World Economics Association(WEA) Online Conferences Programme since 2014, Editor of the WEA Books Conference Series and founding editor of the WEA Pedagogy Blog (weapedagogy.wordpress.com/). On behalf of her interest in a pluralist Economics Education , she is also Assistant Editor of the International Journal of Pluralism and Economics Education.

Besides having published research papers and book reviews in international journals, she co-edited  of The Green Economics Institute (UK) books, including The Greening of Global Finance, The Greening of Latin America and Values, Valuation and Valuing. She also co-edited some of the World Economics Association (UK) books: The Economics Curriculum: towards a radical reformulation, Ideas towards a new international financial architecture? and Capital and Justice.

Her latest books include Global Finance and Development (Sanbun, India), Small Business in Brazil: competitive global challenges (Nova Publishers, U.S.) and Pluralist Readings in Economics: key-concepts and policy-tools for the 21st century (Bentham Science). Among other activities in professional and academic organizations, she is Vice-President of the Ordem dos Economistas do Brasil, Counselor of the Conselho Regional de Economia-SP and member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Green Economics and the Journal of Reviews on Global Economics.

Miriam Kennet, 


Miriam Kennet  was one of the Founder Members of the Green Economics Institute Trust.She won an award from 1 world action as one of the 100 most powerful unseen women in the world given hy John Snow of the BBC. She also won the Honour Award from the Trade Ministry in Luxeburg for her Green Business achievements. She was alumna of the month at South Bank University, and has degrees from South Bank, Leeds and Oxford University.

She has published more than 100 articles, books academic proceedings and chapters and is a regular speaker all over Europe and advisor to governments and Ministers and appears on tv and radio, the BBC having made a special programme about her life and work.

She has been trained in Trust issues, administration, finance and many other aspects of Trust Management and is on the Assemblies of two other Foundations, The Green European Foundation and the European Network of Political Foundations,  one in Luxembourg and one in Brussels.

She leads the Institutes COP climate conferences delegations and Ban Ki Moon’s climate adviser said that her delegation had some of the best solutions to stop climate change  and  help the economy of any teams at the COP conferences.