Academic Schools and Departments



Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Areas of research. Methodologies, resources,  players, historical perspectives and policy solutions in Green Economics. Political challenges to address the way the world understands the role, limitations and possibilities of economics. Economic Reform and the new philosophy for our changing times in the 21stcentury.


Environmental Science and Management

Areas of research. Biodiversity loss, action and ambition.  Climate change: understanding the methodologies, resources, players, perspectives and solutions. Disruptive innovations and sustainability. Climate agreements and the United Nations´ conferences



International Relations and Social Justice

Areas of research. Social justice and  poverty: methodologies, resources, players, historical perspectives and policy solutions. Homelessness, migration, gender, womens empowerment, education and equal pay, energy access, water and global Commons. Power shifts in the global order. Rethinking globalization and the current cultural challenges.



Teaching, Research and Publication are the three pillars of the GEI Academy.