Faculty of Climate Science and Management

Our Faculty of Climate Science and Management is backed up by the GEI Academy and the Green Economics Instiute’s Official United Nations Delegation to the Climate Conferences- COP21- COP24.  We will be attending the UNFCC conferences. We are an official United Nations Climate Partner and Official United Nations Research Organisation, and as such we will input to the COP24 process conference  in Katowice in Poland in December 2018 to input to the climate negotiations.

We also have a special website with our theories and innovations and solutions in this area.


We have created a body of literature on the climate including a double special issue of our academic journal and many books and academic proceedings and papers which students and tutors will be using to educate students and also our students can participate in Action Research by actually attending these United Nations and other events with us to input their ideas themselves.

If you would like to study with us  or teach or participate in our activities, conferences, education, research or seminars please email us today at info@geiacademy.org